Entry Level Driver Training for CDL

The easieset and fastest FMCSA compliant way of getting your CDL

Why choose us to help you?

Our courses meet the requirements for Entry Level Driver Training Theory

The courses are fast, and the tests are simple

You can sit at home or work, using a PC, tablet, or phone to complete

We offer support if you are having any trouble with the course

Entry Level Driver Training Options

Affordable Options to Complete ELDT

1.  You can complete this online course of study and attend our behind-the-wheel program at our facilities in Mayfield, KY.  We have easy to drive trucks and trailers that make practicing and testing easy!  

(8-12 hours of hands-on is the base rental time, additional time is 75/hr)

2.  You can complete this online course and you can attend behind-the-wheel at any TPR certified BTW instructor, anywhere in the USA.

ELDT Basics

ELDT is a required course of instruction for all new CDL Permit holders on or after February 7, 2022.  If you are obtaining a new Class A, Class B, Passenger, Hazmat or School Bus endorsements, you'll have to complete this before you can get your CDL.

What is required for ELDT?
ELDT has two parts; a theory (classroom) and behind-the-wheel (hands-on).  The theory portion covers 30 topics of instruction, which is basically an expanded version of the CDL Drivers Manual.  Our online program, you can complete in just a few hours sitting at home.  Our tests are simple, and we cut out the "fluff" that other programs have that just make for for time and waste. 

The behind-the-wheel portion you meet us and we go over all the required skills you must perform, including range practice for all required backing skills, and on road practice in various traffic situations to help prepare you for the CDL Skills Test.  

The theory portion is designed to take less than 8 hours total to complete.  

The BTW portion, based on your experience level, will require 8-12 hours to complete.  

The price for our ELDT program is $1900 for Kentucky Residents and $2100 for out of state residents.  This includes:

  •  Online Classroom

  • Use of truck with a TPR certified licensed driver (up to 12 hours)

    (additional hands-on rental is 75/hr)

  • Submission of Completion Certificates to FMCSA

  • Use of our CDL Vehicle for the Skills Test with KSP

  • One retest with KSP at no charge (if you fail the first attempt)

    Out of state testing fees (if you are an out of state resident)

    If you don't live nearby, you can complete the online ELDT with us, and locate a BTW ELDT provider in your area.  Or if you've completed the theory ELDT through another provider, you can complete the BTW hands on with us!

    If you are interested in taking our ELDT Full course, call or email us.

    270-906-0860 or www.kycdl.com